Max Mansell to Appear as Special Guest Artist in Residence

Max Mansell will be the resident artist for the conference and over the course of the event produce an interactive art piece that reflects the spirit of the event.
Max is an indigenous Tasmanian, born in 1965. He is from the Oyster Bay area, and Big River language group.
Max was a keeper of the Aboriginal sacred site at Oyster Cove for two years, at which time he experienced spiritual energies which have become a constant source of inspiration for his work. 
Max began painting in 1987, working in Alice Springs in the presence of Clifford Possum, Heather Shearer, and Stanley Scrutton. Paintings by Max are well sought after overseas, due to his bold colourful dot paintings that is contemporary works using the traditional Aboriginal ‘dot’ styles. Featured in national galleries of Australia, Max has had major commissions for his works, one of which is Qantas Airways, in addition to being represented in private galleries worldwide.
Max has developed a unique style in the tradition of Aboriginal dot painting. His paintings are thematic in nature and cover a wide range of subjects. He has been a successful participant in the Australian and International Art World, receiving world class recognition in the indigenous art scene with his traditional and contemporary flavour. 

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