Conference Mission To motivate, mobilise and celebrate individuals, NGOs, corporations, governments and academics who, through volunteer effort, add to quality citizen engagement in building safe and sustainable communities.

Through the 23rd IAVE World Volunteer Conference, the International Association for Volunteer Effort and Volunteering Australia are dedicated to bringing to the world’s best possible practices in volunteering and We believe that volunteering is today’s IMPERATIVE.

IAVE Values:

  • respect for human dignity
  • inclusion
  • innovation
  • professionalism
  • health and wellbeing
Anticipated Conference Outcomes
  • Promotion and public affirmation of volunteering as Today’s IMPERATIVE.
  • Development and knowledge sharing in best practices in corporate volunteering.
  • Recognition of best practice in developing NGO and Corporate partnerships in delivering volunteer services related to community development.
  • A road map for engaging citizens of all ages in volunteering practices in the digital age.
  • Presentation of research studies for advancement of volunteering.
  • Professional leadership development opportunities for National Volunteer Centres.
  • Skills development for young volunteers.
  • Public education plan encouraging volunteer effort from youth to twilight years.
  • Preparation of a report to present the findings of this Conference to members of the C20, as part of the G20 in 2013 in Australia.
  • Interaction and networking opportunities for leaders of the worldwide volunteer movement from community, corporate, government, academia and communication backgrounds.






15 August Standard registration open 
10 September  Online registration closes 
15-20 September Conference runs