Volunteering Australia is the national body on volunteering working to advance volunteering throughout the Australian community. Its role is to represent the diverse views and needs of the sector and it promotes volunteering as one of the enduring social, cultural and economic values of our society. Additionally, VA strives to engender recognition for volunteer effort through support and consultation with organisations dependent on volunteers.

 “The value of the work contributed by volunteers to non-profit institutions in 2006-07 was   
estimated to be $14.6 billion.”                                                                                               
– Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2009                                                                           

Managing and implementing 14 successful national Conferences on volunteering, showcasing and advancing a wide range of volunteering interests has cemented VA’s contribution to promoting and increasing the exposure of volunteering throughout Australia.

One of its outstanding achievements was the role it played on the Advisory Board of the Olympic Games in 2000.

The Sydney 2000 Games are still recognised as the “best Games ever” with a special focus on the volunteering component widely regarded as a landmark achievement. Sydney 2000 volunteers participated at London 2012 as many also did at Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

VA was a participating organisation in the development of the National Strategy on Volunteering and worked with the Australian government to ensure the success of IYV+10.

Volunteering Australia has the strong belief that volunteering is truly today’s modern imperative for a socially cohesive, dynamic and forward-moving society. Together with its partnership organisations for the world Conference it looks forward to presenting the concept in a compelling manner.







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