The international Association of Volunteer Effort (IAVE) is a global network of volunteers and volunteer organisations, national representative organisations and volunteer centres with members in over 70 countries. It is a registered charity in the US and has special consultative status with the UN. IAVE exists to promote, strengthen and celebrate the development of volunteering in the world.

“Volunteers make a valuable contribution to society in both economic and social terms. Volunteers provide services which would otherwise have to be paid for or left undone, allowing organisations to allocate their often limited finances elsewhere.” – Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2009                                                           

In 2006 IAVE launched its highly successful Global Corporate Volunteer Council now working with major corporations in many countries.

Best known for its biennial world Conferences and affiliated Youth Volunteer Conference it has hosted an unbroken sequence of these meetings since 1970.

IAVE played a key role in having the UN declare 2001 as The International Year of the Volunteer bringing recognition of the value of volunteering to a worldwide audience. The IAVE Universal Declaration on Volunteering has been adopted in more than 70 countries and the world celebrated IYV+10 in 2011 highlighting the strong growth in the volunteer movement over the last decade.







15 August Standard registration open 
10 September  Online registration closes 
15-20 September Conference runs